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We are North America's leading blog on Alcoholic Beverages, Food and Dining, and Lifestyle. We invite you to write for us and get your guest posts featured on our website.

Write About Drinks, Food and Dining, and Bar Industry Topics

All requests to publish a guest post will receive a response within 3 business days. Contact us at info@advancedmixology.com

Please carefully read and observe the following guidelines when you write for us. If you don't take them into consideration, we have the right to refuse the publishing of your guest post.

> Considering the nature of our business, please choose a topic about or related to Alcohol, Drinking Culture, Food and Dining, and Bar Industry. We don't accept articles that are irrelevant to our business/website.

> Ensure that we haven't covered the topic already on our website before submitting your draft. Here are the steps to find out if we already published the topic:

1. Go to google.com
2. Enter the topic and do a search using the following format: <topic> site:advancedmixology.com
3. If there are existing articles with similar topics, then we cannot publish your article.

Each guest post must consist of 1,000 words or more.

We highly encourage well-researched and fact-checked content. Be sure to expand the main idea of your article by providing explanations through examples, details, and descriptions.

> Divide sections of your article using subheadings. You can also use bullets or numbers when listing information, so it is easier to read.

> Use keywords related to your chosen topic. It will help search engines find your article, increasing the number of readers.

Each link that you use as a reference in your article must be relevant and not unnatural. Quote or paraphrase content as needed.

Include images in your article's subheadings. Only use pictures that you hold the copyright to or have approval from the original owner. If applicable, add a graph, chart, or table when discussing statistics. Cite a trustworthy source to ensure the data's accuracy.

> Observe correct grammar and write in American English style (i.e., flavor vs. flavour). Do extensive proofreading by using grammar checking platforms to avoid errors in spelling, delivery, and tone.

> We do not tolerate plagiarism of any sort. Please check and make the necessary edits before sending your article.

> Write an author bio or byline at the end of your article.


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