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Advanced Mixology was forged in the spirit of adventure and friendship to create high-quality artisan barware that is functional and affordable.


In 2014, as my best friend and I sat down at a local bar and ordered a couple of the newly popular Moscow mules in their proper copper mugs, the bartender told us we'd need to put down a fifteen dollar deposit for each mug. After a moment of laughter at the prospect of a deposit in exchange for a cocktail, she restated her request, this time with a tone of seriousness. The bar, she explained, had suffered a large number of copper mug thefts in the prior months and they weren't going to foot the bill any longer. We handed over our funds to secure the mug rental and turned to each other with a sense of wonder. If the good citizens of the decent part of town we lived in were making off with pockets and purses full of mugs, they must be difficult to purchase. Naturally we wanted some of our own, but we're not thieves, so we faced a bit of a conundrum.

We pulled out our phones and researched furiously. We found the offerings were either of poor quality or very expensive. Most were made with a stainless steel or nickel lining and had so little copper in them they weighed less than a quarter pound!

That night, over vodka, ginger beer, limes, and mugs we were afraid to damage for fear of losing our deposit, we began our journey. We would create a high quality, 100% copper mug at a fair and decent price.

This journey led us through India searching for artisans and manufacturers. A year after that night, we finally had a beautifully crafted, thick walled, 100% copper Moscow Mule mug that we would be proud of at any cost, but could be offered to you at a reasonable price.

Our journey proudly continues as we search the world for the best materials and practices - to bring you the most amazing modern artisan barware.




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